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It always seems impossible until it’s done - Nelson Mandela.

In our efforts to help the fashion industry to change, at Dress-X we are donating 1% from revenue of the sales of all of our digital garments to No More Plastic foundation. We chose to work with No More Plastic since we admire how they tirelessly continue to generate public awareness about plastic pollution, advocate the need for alternatives to single-use plastic products and foster innovative solutions for the future of consumption.

Through this partnership we have been working closely with the founder of the No More Plastic Foundation, Rosalie Mann:

During my research with scientists, I also discovered that plastic is a dangerous material throughout its entire cycle of life for the environment but also for human health. Knowing that, I could no longer reasonably remain without doing anything. Public opinion had to understand to act better. We must reduce our consumption of plastic if we  want to give a healthy future to future generations. What sort of future do we want to create? We really need to think about where our plastic trash ends up and what it becomes. When we buy or produce a product, it is imperative to think about the butterfly effect it will have on the future of humanity and the planet. Many alternatives exist. It is by being informed and responsible consumers that we can create a future we will be proud of. There is no time to waste. We can all contribute to the solution." 


Every year, the amount of plastic produced around the world is roughly the same as the entire weight of the global population. 91% of this plastic is not recycled. An estimated 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world’s oceans. Fashion accounts for 20 to 35 percent of microplastic flows in the ocean. At Dress-X, we will avoid using plasticproducts since digital goods don’t need to be packaged, sent or delivered to the consumer. In the process of creating a digital garment, there is no direct use of plastic products. At Dress-X our aim is to move some percentage of consumption of physical products to digital onse in order to avoid the overuse of natural resources in fashion production.